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PS4 leads US console sales for seventh month running

New console sales nearly 80% higher than last-gen at same point.

PlayStation 4 has celebrated a seventh straight month atop the US home console chart, numbers company NPD has reported.

The GIF loops on.

Sony's console wasn't only the best-selling machine in July, it was also the home to the best-selling game - The Last of Us.

PlayStation 4 has now sold 10m consoles worldwide, Sony announced this week. Recent numbers for Microsoft's Xbox One are more illusive.

Responding to the NPD results, Microsoft simply stated that Xbox One was selling "strong and steady", with a continued momentum from June's launch of the Kinect-less $399 bundle (thanks, VentureBeat). That bundle offering caused Xbox One numbers to double month-on-month from May - but not high enough to dislodge PS4.

Combined sales of the PS4 and Xbox One after nine months on sale are now almost 80 per cent higher than those for the PS3 and Xbox 360 over the same time period, NPD also noted.

Meanwhile, Nintendo celebrated Mario Kart selling 1m copies in the US - the second to do so after New Super Mario Bros. U.

Minecraft was the second-best selling game in July, followed by FIFA 14, Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8, COD: Ghosts, GTA 5, Sniper Elite 3, NBA 2K14 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.