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PS4 keyboard / mouse controller replicates PC FPS-style gaming


Fancy a bit of PC first-person-shooter-style gaming on your PlayStation 4? Meet the Tactical Assault Commander 4.

The TAC4 is a wired keypad / mouse controller that's designed to replicate PC-style gaming on PlayStation, which, from the pictures, means WASD movement and precise aiming with a mouse.

You'll spot a "Snipe" button, a "Quick" button and a "Walk" button, for extra care. The DualShock 4's left analogue is replicated by up, down, left and right buttons set in the WASD positions, with Triangle and Circle where Q and E would be, respectively.

Whether the Tactical Assault Commander 4 gives PlayStation players any competitive edge over their opponents remains to be seen. It doesn't look like it'll sit well on my lap, anyway.

Hori, most famous for making arcade sticks, has an official license from Sony to build the Tactical Assault Commander 4 to work with PS4 and PS3. It's due out 9th October 2015 priced just under £87, according to Amazon.

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