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PS3 starter pack rumours silence Sony

Heavenly Sword and F1 in bundle.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pictures surfaced today of the box for a new PlayStation 3 starter pack for Europe, with a changed line-up of games, reports.

The picture suggests that the pack will replace the current included games (Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man) with two other SCEE titles: new release Heavenly Sword, and launch title F1 Championship Edition. As before, it will also include a 60GB PS3 and two Sixaxis controllers.

Sony has so far declined to comment on the authenticity of the image.

The source of the image suggests it will retail later this month, at the same price as the current starter pack: EUR 599 (GBP 425).

The current starter pack was launched in the UK on 18th July and the rest of Europe on 1st August. There has confusion as to whether or not it is a limited offer, but if this image is genuine, it would suggest that Sony intends to continue the promotion. has plenty more bundles; those stuffed full of facts from the far reaches of the videogame world.

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