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PS3 Online Saving with firmware v3.6?

Cloud service for PS Plus only - report.

Update: Sony's refusing to budge, telling Eurogamer this morning that it doesn't comment on "rumour or speculation".

Original story: Sony may be planning to call the PS3 cloud service Online Saving. What's more, only PlayStation Plus subscribers will get to use it.

A new report by Kotaku reveals how Online Saving allows save-files to be uploaded to a remote server (a cloud), and be accessed by you from any PlayStation 3 via your PSN account.

Game developers are said to be able to opt out of enabling the cloud feature.

Online Saving will apparently arrive soon, in firmware v3.6. We've just had v3.56.

Epic Games boss Mark Rein told Eurogamer last week that a cloud feature would unlock a world of potential for NGP-PS3 crossover compatibility.

He elaborated: "Dungeon Defenders is essentially a PS3 game brought to NGP. At CES this year, Trendy showed Dungeon Defenders on a Tegra 2 mobile device playing multiplayer against a PlayStation 3. Trendy told me they're planning to have NGP players playing against PS3 players. So this part is already a reality."

"All they need to add is the ability to save your status in the cloud so you can pick up and play on another device and they're done. That's not a hard problem to solve and I suspect Sony will offer a good solution for that via PSN at some point."