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PS3 not selling out would be good - Reeves

We're not even twisting words.

Sony boss David Reeves says that if you can walk into a shop on Friday and buy a PlayStation 3 without a pre-order, that'll mean the company got the launch right.

"We don't want secret shoppers to go in there and say, 'Ah, it's not out of stock, therefore it's not selling,'" he told Reuters. "Indeed, what we're trying to say is we want to make it available to the normal shopper who goes in there and says, 'Do you have PlayStation 3?', and they will say, 'Yes.' And the same for the software."

Reeves, who is president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, told the news agency that the delay between the console's Japanese and North American launches last November and its arrival in Europe this Friday has been of great benefit in reaching the goal of shipping one million units of hardware for day one.

"It's rather like taking a bottle of soda water and we've shaken it so hard over the last six months that when we take the cork off, it's just going to explode," he explained (probably waving his arms around expressively). "I think that's a better way of looking at it than to say the delay is disappointing. It's not - it's really been beneficial for us. We're going to get it right."

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