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PS3 indie Ethan: Meteor Hunter headed to PlayStation Vita

Cross-buy title can be picked up for cheap this week.

PC and PlayStation 3 puzzle platformer Ethan: Meteor Hunter is getting a PlayStation Vita release, its developer has announced.

Originally launched last October to a warm reception, the Vita version is currently on track for a "spring" arrival, the EU PlayStation blog reports.

Ethan's side-scrolling puzzles allow you to freeze time and manipulate level elements to continue, similar to Braid and Trine 2.

There are multiple solutions to each level and you'll probably die many times - but that didn't stop Eurogamer's YouTube maestro Ian Higton enjoying his time with the game - watch our Let's Play video below.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is currently 30 per cent off on PlayStation 3 (50 per cent off for PS Plus subscribers) and the game is a cross-buy title, meaning that a purchase now will unlock the Vita version too when it arrives.