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PS3 Geohot: Sony denied Google subpoena

Ditto YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, SlashDot.

Sony's attempt to subpoena internet titans Google, YouTube, Twitter, SlashDot and PayPal - and find out where notorious PS3 hackers Fail0verflow live - has been denied.

A subpoena is a writ enforcing a court appearance to give testimony.

The denier, Honorable Susan Illston, scheduled a hearing for the setback motion for 11th March, according to PSX-Scene (via VG247).

Sony's plans to widen its legal net and catch the rest of the PS3 Jailbreak team - not just George "Geohot" Hotz - were discovered mere days ago.

But without real names or addresses, forcing the miscreants to answer for digital crimes is wishful thinking. Cue Google et al; with their help, Sony would have contact details, personal information, IP addresses and message board posts to revel in.

George "Geohot" Hotz was served by Sony after successfully busting open the PS3 architecture early this year, allowing homebrew software and pirated games to run on the console.

Hotz has been given a temporary restraining order, and attends a hearing today that could see him hand over his storage devices to Sony Computer Entertainment America for inspection.