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PS3 firmware v3.56 beats Jailbreak?

By George - this is Hotz property.

Has Sony's imminent PS3 firmware update stopped George "Geohot" Hotz's jailbreak from working?

Update v3.56 contains "a security patch" and "will be released soon", Sony bigshot Eric Lempel wrote on the US PlayStation blog.

Hotz's hack heaves open the PS3 architecture to allow homebrew applications and, by association, pirated software to work.

Sony has taken Hotz to court not to destroy the hack but to prevent the jailbreak from being distributed far and wide online. But Hotz has turned out to be one tough cookie, rebuffing the seriousness of the case with a superb and topical quip.

"When does the PSP2 come out?" Hotz was quoted as saying. "No, I'm kidding."

Sony's destruction of the jailbreak hack will be done via firmware. How long that will take - and whether Hotz will keep out manoeuvring it - remains to be seen.