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PS3 firmware update tomorrow

Upscaling, remote access, more.

Sony has revealed that a new firmware update for PlayStation 3 will be available to download tomorrow.

Perhaps the biggest new feature of version 1.8 is the ability to upscale your PS1 and PS2 games to full 1080p. You'll also be able to enjoy DVD films in the same resolution, but only if you have an HDMI-compatible telly.

PSP owners can now remotely control their PS3 consoles, but only if you have an Internet connection handy and firmware 3.5 for your handheld - which isn't actually out until the end of May.

Plus, if you're one of those types with a home network, you can now stream images, music and video on your PS3; allowing you to make the most of your downloaded collections. And vice versa, if you like, printing photos from your console using your PC.

It's one-step closer for Sony to achieving its entertainment-hub dream. But how many of you will actually use these features?