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PS3 download prices for UK

Cheaper and more expensive...

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that the UK price for its range of downloadable PS3 games will be set between GBP 1.99 and GBP 6.99.

This follows Monday's confirmation that Euro pricing for titles sold on Sony's PSN online store would be between EUR 2.99 and EUR 9.99.

At the current exchange rate, UK gamers will have to pay more in order to buy the higher priced titles. For example, assuming Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection sells for GBP 6.99, UK gamers will actually end up paying the equivalent of EUR 10.35.

But for the low-priced titles selling for GBP 1.99, however, UK gamers actually pay a fraction less - the equivalent of EUR 2.95.

Sony has yet to confirm the European line-up as yet, but it is expected to include Blast Factor, flOw, Super Rub a Dub, Lemmings, Gripshift, Go Sudoku, and Calling All Cars.

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