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PS3-compatible PS1 downloads next month - SCEA

European news soon.

Downloadable PS1 titles compatible with the American PlayStation 3 will start to appear sometime next month, according to Sony Computer Entertainment's US office.

Yesterday saw the release of firmware updated for both PS3 and PSP aimed at allowing for PS1 games bought in the PS3 Store to work on both formats, but at the time Sony had little to say about when we'd start to see the actual games - with the European store achingly barren.

Fortunately we shouldn't have to wait long. "We'll be replacing the older PS1 games with fixed versions sometime in May," a spokesperson told IGN. You'll then be able to download those to your PS3 hard disk and either play them from there or transfer them off to PSP Memory Stick.

And if you're using an American or Japanese console and have already downloaded a few PS1 games, don't fret, because you'll be able to grab the new more widely compatible versions for no extra charge. There's no word on whether the new versions of old games - or subsequent releases - will still restrict you to copying the game to PSP five times.

A Sony UK spokesperson wasn't immediately able to clarify European plans for downloadable PS1 games, but did say that we should expect an announcement regarding the PlayStation Network "soon" and that it would likely include some information on the subject.