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PS3 compatibility site live

List of playable PS2 titles, as Sony trails 1.6 firmware.

Sony has its hamsters working overtime, and has managed to push out the PS3 backwards compatibility list ahead of Friday's European launch.

All you have to do is pop over to the website to see if your favourite PS2 games will be playable on the new console.

We can tell you, thanks to EG reader "grussbarbar" that there are around 1,240 PS2 titles in the list. That's around 50 percent of the total PS2 catalogue. These aren't all perfect ports however, and a fair lump of them will encounter problems when played on the new mothership.

To access all of these you'll need firmware version 1.6 installed. It should be available to download from midnight Thursday, in time for you to grab it when you get home. Simply set up your shiny new PS3 and look for the System Update option, or ask customer services to provide you with a disc of the update.

As previously reported, 1.6 has a hat-full of swanky new features, including background downloading for up to six pieces of content, support for Bluetooth keyboard and mice, a full on-screen text-entry keyboard, and an application allowing you to contribute cycles to the Folding@home project.

We'll see you on Thursday night at Virgin, then.