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PS Vita's Activity "possibly" for PS3

"We're thinking about it," says Sony.

The Facebook-like Activity feature of PlayStation Vita may head to PlayStation 3, Sony has revealed.

Activity provides a colourful feed of your friends' game accomplishments. Rectangular boxes with game images and PSN ID display pictures pop up telling you so-and-so has earned x amount of trophies in such-and-such game, for example. You can retweet as well as comment on friends' accomplishments.

"We're thinking about it," said Phil Rogers, manager of Sony Europe's R&D efforts, at the Develop 2011 conference.

"Possibly, but if you think of the XMB interface: how do you represent that there?

"But we're thinking about it and it's a feature that a lot of developers and publishers asked for it because it's really useful to keep that whole [game] discussion [going]."

Activity and LiveArea, Near and Party are four key features of PlayStation Vita online.

The online features of PlayStation Vita.