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PS Plus has given £700 worth of content

"In anyone's eyes that's a pretty good deal."

PlayStation Plus is a year old, and in that time it has given subscribers over £700 worth of content, Sony said today.

PlayStation Network product manager James Thorpe said on the EU PlayStation Blog the figure amounted to "a pretty good deal" for gamers.

"We've been having a look back at what content has been available to Plus members in the first year and have discovered something we thought you guys might find interesting – while we said we'd deliver over £200 of content during the year, we totted up the totals for all the games, discounts themes and avatars and the value actually came to over £700," he said.

"In anyone's eyes that's a pretty good deal for under £3.50 a month!"

Sony's £700 figure is an approximate value based on average RRP of available content during the first year. It excludes discounts, and is calculated using exchange rates as at June 2011.

The monthly cost is based on the price of a one-year subscription.

To tie in PlayStation Plus' birthday, Sony has launched some new sign-up offers, available from 6th July to 3rd August 2011.

You can sign up for a 12 month Plus subscription and get an extra three months for free, or sign up for a 12 month Plus subscription and get Sega Rally Online Arcade for free and to keep forever. Or you can do both.

Meanwhile, the PS Plus content for 6th July to 3rd August includes Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and Golden Axe free from PSN, PSOne game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and minis Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl and JellyCar 2.