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Project Sylpheed demo on Live

Shoot up.

Square Enix and Microsoft's sci-fi shooter Project Sylpheed has popped up on Xbox Live Marketplace in demo form, all set to occupy 613MB of friendly space.

Due out in the US on 10th July and listed by UK retailers for 29th June, Project Sylpheed is a Game Arts-developed single-player shoot-'em-up with a noisy website.

The demo features a tutorial and an intro trailer followed by an entire mission from the full game.

Which, as you might have gathered, we know relatively little about. Microsoft hasn't released much information, despite the game having been out in Japan since September.

What we do know is that you'll pilot a ship in 3D space, barrel-roll and fire lock-on weapons that can overheat if you use them too much, with a Halo-style rechargeable shield to protect you from teh ailerons!

If you've downloaded the demo, why not tell us all what you think? We know you're dying to.