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Project Natal "definitely" in October

MS man spills controller-free beans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's marketing manager for Entertainment & Devices in Saudi Arabia has said that Project Natal will "definitely" launch in October 2010.

"I do have great news to share with everybody - that Project Natal will be launched in Saudi Arabia on the [inaudible] that it will be launched in the world - that is going to be somewhere in October," Syed Bilal Tariq said in an interview clip captured by GamertagRadio (thanks VG247).

"We will be in a position to confirm the date after E3, which is in June. But definitely, it is going to be October 2010."

Microsoft has everyone involved in Project Natal on lockdown until next month's industry showcase, when it plans to introduce updated Natal hardware and software to the press on Sunday 13th June.

The platform holder will then make its customary annual announcements on Monday 14th June at a press conference in Los Angeles.

The company has previously said to expect its "full line-up" at E3, including a range of third-party titles. Third parties Eurogamer has spoken to about their software claim to be sworn to secrecy until E3.

Update: We asked Microsoft to clarify and were told: "Project Natal will be coming out Christmas 2010. We do not have any more details to share at this time."

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