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Preposterous Saw and Kirk Douglas-themed GTA hacks are sold in African game shops

Featuring the best worst cover art since the original Mega Man.

We're going to play a little game...

Outlandish hacks of Grand Theft Auto games that let you play as the villain from Saw, Kirk Douglas, or set the game in Dubai, are being sold in actual game shops in Nairobi, Kenya in Africa.

That's according to a new feature about the phenomenon by Joe Keiser over at

Notable entries include Grand Theft Auto: Saw, a hacked version of San Andreas that replaces protagonist CJ with Saw's Jigsaw Killer. The cover features at least two rainbows. What does it mean?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Kirk Douglas is another brilliant addition to the Nairobi marketplace. This replicates San Andreas with movie star Kirk Douglas in the leading role. There's also Grand Theft Auto: Dubai City, which replaces all the signs to be in Arabic and opens with a promotional video about just how great Dubai is.

Check out the full feature for many more.

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