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Portal meets Cthulhu in sci-fi puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Downloadable oddity headed to PC, PSN, XBLA.

There's something oddly intriguing about futuristic puzzle game Magrunner: Dark Pulse.

Watch the trailer below and you'll find a mixture of Portal, cheesy sci-fi dialogue and fantastical monsters with enough tentacles to hug all your family's faces off.

Magrunner is the work of indie games studio Frogwares, of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes fame, and is being published by Focus Home Interactive (of Farming Simulator 2013, Pro Cycling Manager 2012 and Game of Thrones: Genesis fame).

It's true that neither company has a stellar CV, but any game where H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu and pals can stomp about in deep space is worth keeping an eye on.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is due on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network sometime in the not too far-flung future. Take a peek at some in-game footage below.

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