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Polygon characters coming to Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier battle royale

Cloud with a gun!

Polygon character skins are coming to Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier.

The First Soldier is Square Enix's battle royale for mobile, based on its iconic RPG.

Now skins will be released based on the polygonal character models from the original PS1 release.

Cover image for YouTube videoFINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER | Season 2 Trailer

Yes, that means we'll finally see Cloud firing a gun.

The news was shared by the Japanese Final Fantasy Twitter account with a promotional image, although no date was given.

The game's second season will begin on 28th February, with a new trailer showing off details.

It will include the Dragoon style to leap above competitors; a new materia named Telepo to teleport across the battlefield; a Flare Thrower weapon; and Bahamut as a new boss and summon.

Coming later in the season will be a Shinra Building Map for a new battle mode, private matches, and more.

Before then, a Valentine's Day event has now begun, with new challenges added to acquire various cosmetics courtesy of Mog the Moogle. There will also be an influx of Cactaur enemies and an EXP boost. Full details here.

This all comes as part of the 25th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy 7 game. An update for the much anticipated FF7 Remake part two is also expected this year as part of the celebration.