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Police Quest creator launches Kickstarter for Precinct

Jim Walls returns with new police adventure game.

Gameplay Concept Sketch - Weapon Drawn.

Jim Walls, creator of classic Sierra series Police Quest, has returned with a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor.

Precinct is a first-person PC and Mac adventure game built with the Unity game engine. It's set in the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, California. You play officer Maxwell Jones, who starts as a rookie before moving up the ranks.

You conduct police procedures as you solve crimes and make arrests. Alongside puzzles are action sequences, including shootouts, hand-to-hand combat and high speed car chases.

"Jim is leading an effort to successfully combine original Sierra-style adventure with modern video game technology," reads the Kickstarter pitch. "The Precinct team is poised to redefine the cop-game genre by making a game that both classic and modern gamers can enjoy."

Walls is after $500,000 for Precinct. "Every Kickstarter dollar you give goes directly towards developing Precinct," he said. "We want to skip the traditional publishing model to make the best game possible for the fans of the original adventure Police Quest series."

The Police Quest series, now owned by Activision, began life in 1987. It came about after designer Walls, a retired California Highway Patrol officer, met Sierra On-line co-founder Ken Williams.