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Pokémon Sun and Moon's new Pokédex is a Pokémon


The new Pokédex in Pokémon Sun and Moon is itself a Pokémon.

Well, sort of. Your Pokédex device is inhabited by a new breed of Rotom, the Pokémon found in human-made electrical items. It has various forms - an oven, a fridge, a garden mower. And, now, a Pokédex.

Rotom will imbue your Pokédex with a chatty personality and add new functionality to the device - you'll be able to ask it where to go next, for example.

Sun and Moon are set to land on 3DS in time for Christmas.

The footage also shows off the islands of Alola, the game's setting and an obvious riff on real-world Hawaii.

Inhabitants include Hau, who seems a bit like Brock - a fan of food, a travelling companion and your best pal. Then there's the mysterious Lillie, assistant to the region's resident Pokémon Professor, Kukui (who Wikipedia tells me is, like all other Professors, named after a type of tree).

Oh, and there's a look at Solgaleo and Lunala, the box-fronting duo of legendary Pokémon from whom Sun and Moon take their names.

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