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Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer dripfeeds yet more Alolan forms

Muk ado about nothing.

Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest trailer has revealed a couple more Alolan forms for classic Kanto Pokémon.

The video below shows gooey duo Grimer and Muk in their fresher, more colourful, tropical guises.

But that's not all - among the dollops of new detail, there's a drip feed of entirely new Pokémon Sun and Moon critters.

Most interesting is Silvally, the evolution of the curiously-named Type: Null. Synthetically made, Silvally has the ability to change its type and attack to any of the in-game types such as Fire, Water, Fairy, Ghost etc. when holding specific items. Previously, only God-Pokémon Arceus had the ability to do this.

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Earlier this week I got some proper hands-on time with Pokémon Sun and Moon and came away roundly impressed:

"Two hours in and I'm impressed by how far Sun and Moon have been allowed to push Pokémon's formula," I wrote after finishing my extended Sun and Moon play session. "In the autumn of the 3DS' days, with new Nintendo hardware around the corner it feels like Sun and Moon will be a fresh warm breeze to blow the dust off your handheld once more."

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