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Pokémon Sun and Moon advert for lapsed Pokéfans is perfect

Excuse me there's something in my eyevysaur.

Lots of people play Pokémon games - kids, teens, adults. But while most marketing is squarely aimed at Pokémon's younger demographic, this trailer is different.

This fan-made trailer is for those of us who played the original Pokémon Red and Blue games when they first released.

It is for those of us who still remember those games fondly, some 20 years on.

And it - excuse me, I may have something in my eye - absolutely nails that feeling of nostalgia.

Nope I'm not tearing up, you are.

Watch on YouTube

The trailer was created by a team of fans, directed and edited by John Wikstrom - whose YouTube hosts the video above.

"This is an independently produced spec based on the Pokémon franchise, created with nothing but love. Please support the official releases," Wikstrom noted.

We've played Pokémon Sun and Moon's first couple of hours and came away roundly impressed by the changes it brings to the series' traditional formula - while still feeling like a proper new Pokémon game.

If you're intrigued to try Sun and Moon for yourself, the demo is out right now. Here's our guide to unlocking the exclusive Ash-Greninja.