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Pokémon Smile gets first ever content update, nearly 18 months after launch

Once more, with filling.

Pokémon Smile, the augmented reality smartphone app designed to encourage children to brush their teeth, has just received its first ever content update, almost 18 months after its initial launch back in June last year.

Pokémon Smile, if you're unfamiliar, tasks users with rescuing Pokémon from "cavity causing bacteria" - by brushing their actual teeth with an actual brush - all while wearing a special AR hat. Any Pokémon saved from calamity are popped in a Pokédex, and there's a photo and sticker element for those really into the whole thing.

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon Smile's first ever content update expands on many of these core elements, introducing new Pokémon to catch - Dedenne, Smeargle, Ludicolo, and Mime Jr. - alongside a range of new hats. A full list of the latter can be found on

Pokémon Smile Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Beyond the hats and the Pokeymen, additions are, it has to be said, a little light. According to the latest patch notes, options for Brushing Session Length and Take In-Game Pictures can now be set separately for each user on a device, and players can also expect "bug fixes".

Pokémon Smile's inaugural content update is out now on iOS and Android, and if its arrival is any indication of things to come, we probably won't be doing this again until 2023, so enjoy!