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Pokemon Rumble heads WiiWare update

Plus: World of Goo demo, Shootanto, more.

Nintendo has announced the launch of Pokemon Rumble for WiiWare, available today for an eye-watering 1500 Wii Points (approximately £10.50 / €15).

There's a demo version of that to try too, along with a demo of the totally and utterly lovely World of Goo, which came out earlier this year.

They're all joined on the WiiWare shop by Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem (500 WP - £3.50 / €5), a third-person shooter that takes you through the stages of evolution.

But what's Pokemon Rumble when it's at home? Well, you control "Toy Pokemon" and battle against waves of enemies, apparently, and are able to add defeated adversaries to your clan, mixing and matching them for superior combat effectiveness.

There's a four-player mode included, and you can also transfer Pokemon to your Wiimote and take them round a friend's house if you're into that.

Elsewhere in Nintendo land, DSiWare welcomes A Little Bit of... All-Time Classics: Strategy Games (Backgammon, Field Tactics, Turncoat, Connect Five and Grid Attack) for 500 DSi Points, Army Defender (200 DP) and myNotebook: Blue (take notes, basically - 200 DP).

The Nintendo site says UNO is out for DSiWare today too, but we're pretty sure it came out on the 6th. Perhaps someone didn't call UNO and it went round again. UNO!