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Pokémon jewels in July

Diamonds and Pearls for you.

Nintendo has finally pinned a release date on the excellent Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, which will now be available throughout Europe on 27th July.

This DS gem from Game Freak makes full use of the touch-screen, microphone, and Wi-Fi connection, plus it boasts a critter count of over 100 - making your desire to catch them all take a very long time indeed.

Everything here is simply bigger and better, and many rate it as the best installment in the series to date; prompting sales of 1.75 million copies in just two weeks across the pond, and more than five million since it launched in Japan in September 2006.

It isn't just for kids, either, and Luke Albiges will tell you why in his glowing Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Eurogamer review.

Nintendo's also giving you the chance to get hold of a chocolate PokeBall containing a unique code that will unlock a Manaphy Pokémon in your Pokémon Ranger game. And once you've hatched the the critter you'll be able to transfer it to your new Diamond or Pearl game.

All you have to do get your hands on this treasure is turn up at a GAME store anywhere in the UK on 2nd June with your Pokémon Ranger game. You'll even be able to pre-order your limited edition of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl on the same day, securing yourself a "very special" character stylus. How very thoughtful.