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Pokémon Go hosting New Pokémon Snap event

Candid Carvanha.

After 20 years of waiting, we're just two weeks away from a new Pokémon Snap game! So, of course, Pokémon Go has announced details of an event to celebrate.

Pokémon Go's New Pokémon Snap Celebration will run from 10am local time on 29th April, the day before New Pokémon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch, until 8pm local time on 2nd May.

Smeargle - the paintbrush Pokémon who can appear in Go when you take in-game photos - will be available in its Shiny version for the first time. But you'll need to be lucky to get one - you'll only be able to take a limited number of photos, and the ability to find Shiny Smeargle will then be switched off after the event concludes.

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It's a bizarre situation which has only happened a few times in the past - such as with Shiny Meltan in promotions for the Pokémon Let's Go games, and the ability to find Shiny Unown at specific ticketed Pokémon Go events.

Here, developer Niantic has at least said that Shiny Smeargle will return in future events at some point.

Otherwise, the New Pokémon Snap Celebration will feature Pokémon from the Switch game's new Lental region, a timed research questline, field research, a camera avatar item and a new camera sticker.

New Pokémon Snap will contain more than 200 species to hunt down and photograph - here's a look at all that:

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