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Pokémon Go finally found a way to release long-awaited Mime Jr.

Clowning achievement.

Many months after it was first teased for the game, Mime Jr. is finally headed to Pokémon Go.

The baby form of Mr. Mime, this dinky clown was one of the few remaining creatures still unreleased from earlier generations.

Mime Jr. hasn't been a straightforward release, as evolution Mr. Mime is a regional Pokémon only found in Europe.

Fans had wondered whether Mr. Mime might lose its regional status if Mime Jr. was released worldwide - but developer Niantic has instead chosen a different route.

Beginning tomorrow, 26th September, 5km Pokémon eggs will now feature regional Pokémon native to where the egg was picked up.

So, if you're in Europe, you'll find regionals such as Mime Jr., Pansear and Durant, as well as Zangoose which can now be available in its Shiny variant.

If you're in the US, you'll find regionals such as Tauros, Panpour, Heatmor, and Seviper which will also be available Shiny.

Simply put, if you can catch a regional on the map in your location, you'll also be able to find it in 5km eggs.

It's a first for the game and a novel way to introduce Mime Jr., which will be the first regional to evolve, and the first to be available only from eggs.

Celebrating World Tourism Day, trades will cost a quarter Stardust, PokéStops will give double XP, and special Field Tasks will be available from tomorrow, 9pm UK time, until the same time on Tuesday 1st October.