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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Pokémon DS launch in London

Like being a kid "again".

You may already have queued for the launch of the new Harry Potter book, but when it comes to kid-packed London launches surely you've just gotta catch them all - which is why we're telling you about Nintendo's pre-launch event for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl in London this week.

The first 200 fans who pre-order from GAME in Hamleys (020 7287 5486) or GAME Oxford Street (020 7637 7911) will be able to take home the game a day early at the Hamleys Regent Street event at 6pm on Thursday, 26th July. The game goes on general release a day later. NOT JUST THAT, but McFly will be there! Yes!

You'll love Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as you'll know if you've read our import review. The latest in Nintendo's addictive RPG series introduces over a hundred new pokémon and features all the online options you've come to wish were in the other ones, allowing you to swap monsties with your friends over the internet providing you can be bothered to persist with all that Friend Code nonsense.

For more on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you can also check out Eurogamer TV Show Episode 13, where we get up close and pokéball with pokéfather Tsunekazu Ishihara.