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Pokémon dev's Soriti Horse combines solitaire and horse racing

Playing the race card.

Pokémon developer Game Freak has revealed its first self-published game as the 3DS eShop offering Soriti Horse, a combination of solitaire and horse racing.

According to a report by 4Gamer (translated via NeoGAF), Soriti Horse will be divided into two phases: Solitaire and Control. The former consists of the timeless card game, which improves your bond with a horse to make them run faster, while the latter is a real-time racing game where you use the stylus on the bottom screen to control your stallion above. You'll switch off between the two modes before using items and power-ups - including a whip to boost past the finish line - in the final stretch.

Additionally, you'll be able to raise your individual horse and share it with friends via QR codes.

Soriti Horse is due on the Japanese 3DS eShop on 31st July for ¥500. No western release has been announced, but Game Freak's previous non-Pokémon title, the rhythm game HarmoKnight, made it to western shores in March after being released last September in Japan, suggesting Soriti Horse will likely make its way overseas too. I've contacted Nintendo about this and will update as I find out more.

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