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Celestic Town and Route 211 Pokémon, trainers and items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Our complete guide to Pokémon BDSP's trainers, items, and wild Pokémon.

Celestic Town and the nearby Route 211 are your next destinations in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Route 210 North in your adventure.

Below we'll take you through all the key details for the location, including any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and items that might be available, plus a walkthrough of your key objectives and anything else you'll need to know.

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Celestic Town Pokémon, trainers and items

Celestic Town is a small, sleepy settlement, not far from another entrance to Mt. Coronet. It's a quaint town, even featuring its own independent store run by an elderly couple, in the north-west, instead of a Poké Mart.

The main thing to do here is visit the ruins, in the centre of town - but there's a silly Grunt blocking the entrance, who's getting a bit dramatic and talking about bombs. Take him down a few notches by wiping the floor with him in battle.

After you do, the old lady from the south of town will come up to you and offer her thanks - it's Cynthia's Grandma! Turns out she's the town elder, which, if you remember, is the person Cynthia told you to seek out once you'd cleared those Psyduck on Route 210.

The Cynthia's Grandma encourages you to go look inside the ruins, after telling you a bit of lore about the Old Charm. Once you've done so, back outside, the strange Team Galactic leader you've seen around the place appears and finally introduces himself as Cyrus.

That's more or less everything here. Collect a few items via the methods listed below, and then it's up to you where to go next. Route 211, to the west of town (covered in the next section, below), is a short optional route with a few worthwhile items on it and a link to another level of Mt. Coronet (which you still can't fully explore, so save that for now).

Or, you can go straight to your next main objective: battling Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina! That's right, she's finally available to battle.


Analog Watch Pokétch AppFrom Black Belt in south west house
Black GlassesFrom man in sungless inside market shop, north west, during afternoon
Wise GlassesFrom man in sungless inside market shop, north west, during night
Choice SpecsFrom man in sungless inside market shop, north west, during morning
Great BallFrom man in Pokémon Center if your first Pokémon has high friendship
3x TM95 SurfFrom Cynthia's Grandma when you check the cave paintings at back of ruins

Trainers and Opponents

Team Galactic GruntBeautifly

Route 211 Pokémon, trainers and items

Route 211 is a short and relatively simple route, but there are a few more things you can gather here on a return visit once you have Rock Climb as an usuable HM in your Pokétch.

Otherwise, work your way through the trainers here and collect what items you can.

Available Pokémon

GravelerLeafy grass
ChinglingLeafy grass
MedititeLeafy grass
PonytaLeafy grass
MachokeLeafy grass
ZubatLeafy grass (night)
NoctowlLeafy grass (night)


2x Pecha BerriesTop side of route as you enter from Celestic Town
2x Aspear BerriesTop side of route as you enter from Celestic Town
2x Iapapa BerriesTop side of route as you enter from Celestic Town
2x Grepa BerriesTop side of route as you enter from Celestic Town
3x TM77 Psych UpFrom Ace Trainer along top rocky part of route

Trainers and Opponents

Black Belt SeanCroagunk
Ninja Boy NickSkorupi
Ruin Maniac HarryBronzorLv.30
Bird Keeper KatherineNoctowlLv.31

When you're all done here, your next destination is a battle Hearthome City with Gym Leader Fantina!

For more guides and links to the rest of our walkthrough pages meanwhile, return to our main Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub.

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