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Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

Currently video only and requires a Plex Pass.

Video streaming service Plex has launched on PS4 and PS3 in Europe.

Plex organises your media - be it movies, TV, music and photos - and lets you stream it onto your supported platform of choice (smartphone, tablet, Xbox One, Roku, smart TV, etc).

A Plex app launched a couple of months back for Xbox One and Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter called it that platform's "ace in the hole" as a media player and "the app of choice for organising your collection."

A few things though: This is an early preview build of the service on PlayStation, so it currently only supports movies and TV shows. Photos and music will follow at an unannounced time.

Furthermore, it currently requires a Plex Pass to use the service on both PlayStation and Xbox. A monthly Plex Pass subscriptions is £3 / $4.99, an annual one is £24.45 / $39.99, and the Lifetime Plex Pass is £91.50 / $149.99. The option for non-Plex Pass users to purchase the app will become available later, Plex noted on its official blog.

Plex is slated to come to the Americas "soon," a representative for the company told us.

[Editor's note: There's been some confusion about whether Plex is accessible on consoles in a free version, so a Plex rep offered us the following statement on the matter:

"Plex for PlayStation is available for free to Plex Pass subscribers. If they want to simply use Plex within a browser, that's free. I'd suggest they go to to learn about Plex Pass benefits. With that said, the Plex for PlayStation app has been optimised for remote control and 10 foot usage. Plex in a browser is meant for desktop/laptop/mouse usage and mainly targeted at managing Plex and not as much on consuming."]

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