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PlayStation's nifty Wrap-Up tool breaks down your 2019 in PS4 gaming

And you can grab some freebies too.

Should you be curious to know exactly what you got up to while tethered to your PlayStation last year, Sony is currently breaking down players' 2019s in gaming via a nifty little online tool. And if the promise of a couple of minutes amusement isn't enough incentive to get involved, there are a few free themes and avatars up for grabs too.

From today until 14th February, curious parties can head over to Sony's PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up site for a bit of a year in gaming review. You'll be able to see the PS4 games you spend the most time playing, how long you played, your favourite genre, your accumulated trophies, and more, all via the convenient medium of a cheery infographic.

And if having the full extent of your PS4 gaming life laid out by the hour wasn't enough of a reward/possible existential nightmare, Sony is also dishing out a dynamic theme and seven avatars, all of which can be redeemed through the 2019 Wrap-Up page.

If you removed Destiny 2 and Death Stranding, and added 70 million hours to Monster Hunter, this would also be my year in review.

Avatars are designed, says Sony, to "reflect [your] gameplay persona", and each one is themed around a specific genre. They're titled Action Hero, Legendary Warrior, Master Explorer, Master Strategist, Speed Demon, Sports Phenom, and Marksman, if you were wondering.

If you'd like to share your big PlayStation achievements according to Sony below, then by all means feel free. The Wrap-Up website has gone a bit pear-shaped for me though, so, alas, whatever I ended up playing most vigorously on PS4 last year will remain an eternal mystery.

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