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PlayStation VR2 users report controller issues

And suggest various workarounds.

Sony's brand new PlayStation VR2 is being delivered to people's homes this week, but it's not all been plain sailing for early adopters.

A lengthy thread on the PSVR reddit lists numerous complaints with the gadget's right Sense controller - and specifically with its buttons not responding.

The thread suggests the issues with the controller are software related - and that, at times, button prompts from the right-handed device can be fixed by trying a few workarounds.

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Ian's big PlayStation VR2 review.

These workarounds include booting a game without turning on the device's See Through mode, resetting the controllers, turning trigger feedback off and on, deleting and resyncing the controllers, disconnecting the DualSense, and more extreme methods such as "just keep mashing the buttons on the affected controller until they 'wake up'."

It's also worth pointing out that a number of games are reportedly unaffected, as the Sense controllers are not required for their use.

Among the hundreds of replies, many report similar issues being relieved by trying one of the above solutions.

Eurogamer's resident VR expert Ian Higton told me he has not had these same issues himself, though has heard from others with Sony's new headset who have.

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Ian plays PSVR2 non-stop until his batteries die.

Not everyone has been able to get their Sense controllers working, even with the above suggestions.

"Spent the whole afternoon and evening trying to stay calm and go through every suggested hack. No luck," one PSVR2 owner wrote. "I've been stabbing my poor new sense controllers with a needle most of the time and I decided to quit when I accidentally made my finger bleed."

Others say they've contacted Sony support and been told the company is aware of the issue.

Eurogamer has asked PlayStation for more, and will update when we hear back.