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PlayStation Vita update 1.6 out in Japan this week

Adds Map app and video recording.

The PlayStation Vita will this week be updated to version 1.6, which adds to new major features.

The first of these is a Map app, added to your Home screen. This map, according to Andriasang, can be viewed with satellite imagery turned on and off. You can also search for walking and driving directions, and view information about your current location.

The second addition is the ability to take videos from the Vita's photo app, currently limited to taking static photos.

Elsewhere, the Vita's Home button will now flash blue when the Vita is connected to power.

Meanwhile, Sony has revealed plans to release a Mac OS version of its Content Management Assistant for PlayStation program, used to transfer data between your Vita and computer. This is currently only available for Windows PC.

The update will be made available in Japan on 8th February. Vita launches in Europe on 22nd February.