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PlayStation Vita system update readies device for PS4

Firmware v3.0 launches today.

PlayStation Vita's system software will be updated today with a fresh version that adds in PlayStation 4 support.

Firmware v3.0 includes a new PS4 Link app which will allow you to control your PS4 and use any game with second screen features.

Support for PlayStation 4 Trophies has also been added (the first set - for Battlefield 4 - was spotted on Sony's servers last night), and the Friends List app has been improved ahead of the PS4's expanded friends roster.

All future system software updates can now be set to download automatically, Sony explained via the EU PlayStation blog.

Group Messaging is now named Messages, and will let you chat with users on PS4 or mobile devices using the PlayStation App.

Voice and text chat is also now available with friends and other players through the Party app.

A panoramic camera setting and parental controls have also been added, as has the ability to wirelessly transfer data between the Vita and a PS3.

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