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PlayStation TV release date, price and compatible games list confirmed

Comes with Worms Revolution Extreme, Velocity Ultra and OlliOlli.

PlayStation TV launches in Europe on 14th November 2014, Sony has confirmed.

The device, which lets you stream your PlayStation 4 games to another HD TV in your home, as well as play PS Vita, PSP and PS one classics on the TV, costs £84.99 / €99.99.

Hundreds of Vita, PSP and PS one games are available from day one, Sony said, as well as a collection of minis. The library will expand with the likes of Minecraft over time.

PlayStation TV itself comes with a voucher for three digital PS Vita games: Worms Revolution Extreme, Velocity Ultra and OlliOlli, and includes 1GB of built-in storage.

The full list of PlayStation TV-compatible PS Vita games is over at the PlayStation Blog.

Here's how it works: if you own a PS4, you can use Remote Play to stream PS4 games from your console to PS TV over your home network. So, if your living room TV is occupied, you can use PS4 Remote Play to play a PS4 game on another HD TV in your home. (Be aware a DualShock 4 or DualShock 3 wireless controller is required for PS TV.)

As for Vita games, PS TV plays select titles, which can either be downloaded to the device or inserted directly using a game card.

You can also download PS one classics such as Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill, Tekken, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid.

Digital Foundry took a look at PlayStation TV Remote Play back in June.

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