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PlayStation Store 2010 spend up 70%

8 out of 10 PS3 owners are online.

More people are splashing more cash on the PlayStation Store than ever before, Sony has revealed.

Your frivolous spending lead to a 70 per cent fatter annual take for Sony's virtual shop last year than in 2009, Sony America's Pierre Gravereau divulged at GDC (reported by Joystiq).

The upward surge can be attributed to various things. For instance, there are more PSN accounts and therefore potential shoppers: Gravereau puts the PSN account number at 70 million. There were also 60 per cent more shoppers nosing around the PlayStation Store last year.

That's because over 80 per cent of the 41.6 million PS3 owners around the world are connected to the internet. Psst, Pierre, there are actually 47.9 million PS3 owners around the world.

Also, the weekly PlayStation Store updates these days offer an enviable, coordinated stack of content. Take a look this Wednesday's update - it's stuffed.

No concrete figures from Gravereau to mull over, unfortunately, but percentages make for a nice pie-chart. And I really like pies.