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PlayStation Home gets Ninja costumes

Plus: Valentine's outfits for Xbox Live.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

From tomorrow, PlayStation Home will be able to purchase ninja outfits for their avatars in the local shopping centre.

"Yeah, ninja outfits!" writes community manager CydoniaX on the US PlayStation blog. There's no word on how much they will cost.

However, CydoniaX did say a special get-together is being held to celebrate the arrival of the outfits. "On February 13th, we’ll be holding an event called I Love Ninjas," he wrote.

"The first instance of the brand-new community-named Home hang-out space, the Gamer’s Lounge, to be completely filled with people in ninja costumes (or a reasonable facsimile using all-black clothing items in your inventory) that we see will win vouchers for SOCOM and Warhawk to celebrate the upcoming spaces." Crumbs.

In the interests of NON-BIAS, it's worth pointing out that new costumes are now available for Xbox Live avatars. To celebrate Valentine's day, you can put on a formal suit and powder blue shirt or make like Kelly LeBrock in a red dress. Crikey.

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