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PlayStation 5's next big system update arrives tomorrow

SSD expansion, 3D Audio for built-in speakers and more.

Sony launches the next big PlayStation 5 system update tomorrow, Wednesday 15th September, which includes the ability to upgrade SSD storage and take advantage of 3D Audio features using your TV's built-in speakers.

Many of the listed improvements have already been detailed and rolled out to those who signed up to beta test PS5 system software earlier this year.

Other previously announced features include the ability to view PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game separately, further customise Control Center and use it to message friends and parties. Here's Sony demoing all the new features:

Cover image for YouTube videoPlayStation September System Software Updates - New PS5, PS4 and Mobile App Features

Also previously announced: the ability to choose between 720p and 1080p streaming quality for PlayStation Now, and 3D Audio support for your built-in TV speakers, optimised for your room using acoustics captured by the microphone in your controller.

As for upgrading your SSD, Sony detailed back in July how beta testers could add a supported M.2 SSD to their console. The company recommends a well-lit room, a Philips screwdriver and a small flashlight to complete the installation.

Finally, there are improvements to the PS Remote Play app, which will support mobile data connections. Sony recommends an internet speed of at least 5Mbps, and optimally at least 15Mbps.

The PS App, meanwhile, gets an update on Thursday to let you view friends' Share Screen broadcasts together.

Separately, the PS4 also gets an update to let you view PS5 trophies on your profile and trophy list, as well as other people's PS5 trophies. You can also disband an entire Party without removing individual players.