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PlayStation 5 gets its own native Disney+ app

Walt this way.

For those of you looking to watch shows such as Andor and the all-new Hocus Pocus 2 in time for Halloween via your PlayStation 5, there is good news - the console now has a native Disney+ app.

With this app in play, users will now be able to see all of the channel's offerings in Ultra HD thanks to its 4K HDR playback support (the PlayStation 4 version of the app was limited to 1080p).

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"A key part of our global expansion strategy is to meet consumers wherever they are, which is why we're excited to enhance both Disney Plus and Star Plus for PlayStation 5 users," said Jerrell Jimerson, EVP of product and design for Disney streaming (thanks, The Verge). "The ability to support 4K HDR video streaming on the platform will also improve the viewing experience for fans."

Those looking to get their hands on this PS5 app can do so via the media section on the console's homescreen, and then through the TV and Video option. Right now, I am seeing the cast of Andor looking back at me.

This is the app you're looking for.