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PlayStation 5 cloud game streaming coming to Premium subscribers

"In the early stages" of testing.

Sony's PlayStation logo on a blue background.
Image credit: Sony

It's been a year since Sony relaunched its PlayStation Plus subscription service with multiple tiers, and today there's word of an upcoming new feature: PS5 game streaming.

There's no release date as yet, just word that Sony is "testing" the technology for select PS5 titles, including those in the subscription's game catalogue, and others you may own.

And to be clear, this will be a Premium tier benefit - so you won't get it if you're on regular old PlayStation Plus Essential or Extra.

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"We think it's important for Premium members to be able to enjoy as many games as possible via cloud streaming," Sony exec Nick Maquire wrote today. "As more games continue to launch on the PS5 console, we look forward to adding cloud streaming capability for PS5 titles in addition to the PS3, PS4 and classic titles that are already available for Premium members to stream.

"We're in the early stages right now, and we can't wait to share more details when we’re ready, including a launch time frame."

Alongside June's PlayStation Plus game line-up, Sony also said it was celebrating this anniversary of the service by holding a free online multiplayer weekend - so you needn't have subscribed.

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