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PlayStation 3 banned from clink

Not violent enough. Probably.

According to recent reports, there more than 80,000 people in Britain's prison system, but despite games obviously causing all their problems in the first place (evil things), they won't be allowed to mess around with Sony's new PlayStation 3 to help wile away the time.

That's according to home secretary John Reid (evil thing), who told the opposition in a written answer last week that the prison service has been aware of the PS3 THREAT since as long ago as December 2005, when advice was issued "that the Sony PlayStation 3 was barred from the prison estate because of the equipment's ability to send and receive radio signals". Presumably they knew because of the PSP's proposed ability to link with it via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi eh? Evil.

PS3's banning also comes despite games' obvious benefits to people trying to cope with prison life, which can include solitary confinement (the BBC notes, "it is difficult for most people to imagine what it must be like to live in a world without other people" - they've got that the wrong way round), and, worse, also involves having John Reid decide what's right and wrong for you. You're already in prison - isn't that enough?