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Playdate has an announcement show next week

Crank up the excitement.

Playdate owners - you know who you are - take note! A fresh update on the dinky handheld game system with a crank is coming next week.

The showcase will air on YouTube next Tuesday, 7th March at 5pm UK time (that's 9am Pacific, back in Playdate's Portland, Oregon home).

Expect 13 minutes of updates showing new games coming to the Playdate in the very near future, plus an update on Catalog, the device's upcoming on-device store.

Cover image for YouTube videoSay Hello to Playdate!!
The dinky yellow Playdate handheld games console (with a crank).

At its last official count, Playdate had now sold 25,000 devices since it first shipped in April 2022. Stock remains limited, and anyone hoping to get their hands on one now still needs to put in a pre-order for the system's next shipment, due sometime later this year.

"Now I've seen it, I want more of it," Christian Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's Playdate review, dubbing it "a fascinating puzzle in itself".

Look for the broadcast - and all its announcements - here on Eurogamer next week.