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PlatinumGames and Square Enix announce Babylon's Fall

I've made a Mesopotamia!

PlatinumGames is making a game for Square Enix. It's called Babylon's Fall and it's coming 2019 for PC and PS4.

A teaser trailer shown during the Square Enix E3 broadcast showed us a timeline of notable events in a land called Helos. There was an awakening, prophecies, a world war, the birth of a goddess, a plague, and generally all sorts of it's-not-going-well moments. Then in CE 5450, nearly 500 years later, the goddess Gaia turns against mankind, sending them into some kind of hell.

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But in CE 5463 there's an Awakening, a bit like in that Star Wars film, maybe. "Deep within the Shrine of Souls, the Nomads are born," the text reads. Perhaps you're one of them?

At this point we see an armoured hero felling a giant opponent by snatching its sword using magical tendrils of some kind, and swishing the sword back around and through the big old bastard. It's not gameplay footage but is it a clue as to what sort of powers we'll wield?

The trailer ends with four characters standing together looking up at a giant structure presumably they're going to fight to ascend. Each of them looks like a slightly different breed of fighter - one holds a staff, one dual wields, one has a sword and shield, one holds only one weapon - so perhaps there's going to be teamplay? We'll have to wait and see.