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Planetside 2 gets Guinness World Record for biggest FPS battle

1158 players duke it out over a single server.

Planetside 2 now holds a Guinness World Record for biggest first-person shooter battle ever.

Fan community Planetside Battles, who organised this intergalactic rumble, reported the player count as 1158 in this single battle.

53,729 brave soldiers lost their multiple, respawning lives in this fray.

Planetside Battles first organised this event on Reddit where it noted that the browser game Man vs Machine had held the record for "the greatest number of players simultaneously (in one single instance) in one server on an online FPS video game" with 999 players.

Planetside 2 producer David Carey noted on Twitter that players from 58 countries participated in setting this record. He also tweeted a picture of him with the actual physical certificate.

Back in November Eurogamer contributor Rick Lane investigated Planetside 2's biggest battles and came to some rather ambiguous conclusions. Much of this came down to one's definition of a "battle", while others would argue that players need to be directly in contact with one another on the same server for it to count. Lane postulated that Planetside 2's Battle for the Bastion in January 2013 likely had somewhere in the neighborhood of 7000 players competing over a single base - more than three times the player count for a single server. Alas, even SOE doesn't have statistic from that long ago. Bet hey, setting a world record with a two-plus year old game still isn't bad.

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