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P*ss on SEGA's new game machine

That's the "Toylet" idea.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

How can SEGA follow the Dreamcast? By making a urinal console that responds to being weed on, obviously.

Wired writes that SEGA's new "Toylets", which feature pressure sensors and mini-games selectable from an LCD screen (above the urinal), have been installed around Tokyo.

One game, Mannekin Pis, simply measures the power of your stream. Graffiti Eraser, on the other hand, has you remove urban art by hosing the virtual wall down.

The dubious North Wind and Her game has wee simulating a gust of wind blowing a lady's skirt up, and Milk from Nose is a multiplayer game for you and the other urinal users - the harder you wee, the more milk gushes from your virtual nose at your opponent, and the harder your gush, the greater chance you'll knock your opponent down and win the battle.

Brilliantly, high scores can be downloaded onto USB sticks to wow your friends with. ["Brilliantly" - Ed].

The sensible function of the Toylet is to display adverts to full-bladdered passers by, which goes a long way to explaining how this idea got commissioned.

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