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Picross E coming to 3DS eShop this week

Picture perfect.

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Addictive portable puzzle series Picross arrives on the 3DS eShop this Thursday, Nintendo has confirmed.

Picross E is an all-new downloadable incarnation of the long-running classic, which sees players discovering pictures on a crossword-style grid.

Presumably, the "E" stands for eShop. It's yours to buy from there for £4.50.

This week's helping of 3DS Final Fantasy: Theathrythm DLC includes extra music tracks Dark City Treno (FF09 - FMS), A Contest of Aeons (FF10 - BMS), The Final Battle (FF09 - BMS) and The Extreme (FF08 - BMS). As usual, each tune is available for 90p.

1997 Neo-Geo fighter Real Bout Fatal Fury Special arrives on the Wii's Virtual Console service (900 Points, about £6.30) and there's something on DSiWare called Crazy Hunter (£4.50/500 Points).

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