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Pickford Brothers' Naked War now free

Plok creator's 2006 PC strategy game.

As of today, Naked War - a game by The Pickford Brothers - is completely free to play.

You can download the cartoon turn-based (via email) war creation from the Naked War website. It's only small - 36MB or so.

John Pickford, one of the Brothers, said he's committed to keeping the servers "up and running for as long as he can".

He also talked about a sequel.

"We plan to make a sequel to the game at some point in the future - the game would be perfect for Facebook or one of the console messaging systems," he commented. "But in the meantime we decided that we should let anybody play the existing PC version of Naked War just as it is."

Naked War was released five years ago for PC. What did Eurogamer think? "Naked War is a game with enormous and entertaining hidden depth," wrote Dave McCarthy, before scoring Naked War 8/10.

The Pickford Brothers are currently hard at work on Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. That's coming out sometime this quarter.

The Pickford Brothers existed aeons ago and are responsible for some of the best-loved games of yesteryear, including Plok!.