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PhysX a "big step forward"

Reckons Infernal developer.

More and more developers are adopting PhysX technology to power upcoming games, and among them is Metropolis Software, which believes this physics solution is a big step forward for world simulation.

"The engine is very efficient, it allows for a fast physics simulation while not eating too much processor power, so developers can build more 'living' worlds, with a higher level of interaction," the developer's PR manager Pawel Miechowsk told Eurogamer. "I wouldn't call that a revolution, but surely it's a big step forward."

Metropolis' PC title Infernal aims to put the new power to good use, incorporating PhysX into its Nitrous engine to deliver a visually spectacular feast. To show just how much difference it makes, publisher Eidos released new screenshots showing non PhysX-powered captures next to fully enhanced stills; you can find these elsewhere on the site.

The game itself is a celestial third-person shooter that mixes real-world and supernatural themes through agencies on Earth representing Heaven and Hell. You'll play as the unusual Ryan Lennox, an agent outcast from the Etherlight (Heaven) agency for his heavy-handed methods, who now finds work for the Devil (Abyss agency). Naturally he's got a few nifty tricks up his sleeve, like teleportation, or telekinesis, and even Infernal vision - which lets him see things the human eye normally can't pick up.

The graphics are set to be a strong point of the game, apparently, but more in the way the technology is used than for sheer polygon count.

"We put a lot of work into the graphical atmosphere of the game to get a new, distinct feeling," Miechowsk added. "The architecture of the buildings and the whole design in Infernal is something never seen before."

The game is due for release in Q1 this year for PC, and decision on a console port, of which "360 is amongst the most suitable," is yet to be made.

Unfortunately there'll be no multiplayer included, but Metropolis has plans for the future depending on how well Infernal does.

Psst, don't forget the recently released demo for the game either.